Volv is a location aware, performance lifestyle app that drives nutrition, recovery and fitness recommendations in the moments throughout your day that you need them most.


Step 1

Choose habits from our blog that apply to your interests and intentions. No two people are identical, Volv is designed to allow you to create a unique performance lifestyle that is custom fit to who you are.

At this moment we are only supporting our Spartan Performance Lifestyle  Program. We are hard at work on our curated blog and will be bringing that to you as soon as possible!


Step 2

Start tracking the times that you make a healthy choice by sending a picture of you acting on the habit to the Volv Facebook Messenger. Send pics of your food, training, or any other healthy things that you do throughout your day. The more you send, the better our recommendations are!


Step 3

If you ever have a question about how to act in a specific moment, simply type "Volv Me" to the Volv Facebook Page on the Facebook Messenger App via Mobile. Our AI is integrated into our Facebook Messenger and is supported by our Volv Performance Lifestyle Coaches.